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Taylor Swift Reflects on Kanye West Feud, Calls it “Career Death”


In an interview with Time magazine, Taylor Swift, named the publication’s 2023 “Person of the Year,” opened up about the toll the 2016 feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian took on her career and mental well-being. Swift described the incident, involving West’s song lyrics and a recorded phone call, as feeling like “a career death” that “took me down psychologically.”

Swift recalled feeling betrayed when West claimed she had approved the lyrics in advance, only for Kardashian to release a video seemingly supporting West’s assertion. Swift asserted that her career was “taken away” through a “fully manufactured frame job” with an “illegally recorded phone call” edited and released by Kardashian.

The singer detailed the emotional fallout, including moving to a foreign country, avoiding phone calls, and pushing away people in her life due to a lack of trust. Despite this challenging period, Swift’s career rebounded, contrasting with West, who faced consequences, including losing partnerships with major fashion brands in 2022.

Time magazine recognized Swift’s profound impact, awarding her “Person of the Year” and acknowledging her ability to inspire hope globally. The profile lauded Swift for achieving a historic fusion of art and commerce, citing her unparalleled influence and her capacity to connect with people on a massive scale.

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