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Reba McEntire reacts to Taylor Swift rumors and sets the record straight

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Country legend Reba McEntire has stepped forward to address rumors circulating online regarding her alleged comments about Taylor Swift. The rumors suggested that McEntire referred to Swift as an “entitled little brat” following an incident at Super Bowl LVII.

Over the weekend, McEntire utilized her social media platform to share a screenshot of a story published by America Loves Liberty, which purportedly contained the false remarks attributed to her. The story claimed McEntire expressed disappointment upon seeing Swift laughing and drinking during her performance of The National Anthem at the event.

However, McEntire swiftly debunked the misinformation, clarifying that she never made such comments about Swift. In her own words, she urged her followers not to believe everything they see on the internet. McEntire emphasized Swift’s positive attributes as a talented artist and strong role model, highlighting her numerous contributions to the music industry and society at large.

McEntire’s swift response serves as a reminder to exercise caution when encountering sensationalized or false information online, while also affirming her respect and admiration for Taylor Swift.

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