Flyin or Dyin: “Lose My Mind” by Bret Eldredge

Country singer Brett Eldredge is challenging the phrase “the sky is the limit.”

The first time Eldredge got a No. 1 song, he jumped out of an airplane. The next time, he went diving with sharks. Now the “Lose My Mind” singer is planning his third adventuresome No. 1 celebration for his last chart topper “Mean To Me.”

This time he said he’s dining at a table suspended by a crane. He’s been working on the idea for months that will have him and his friends strapped to chairs and dangling hundreds of feet in the air as they eat a meal.

He hopes the food is light.

“It takes a while to get the crane and most of them are outside of the country,” Eldredge explained. “I want a strong one. Strong cranes only.”

Eldredge said that when it came to choosing his new single “Lose My Mind,” he applied the same strategy he used to pick his No. 1 celebration — he wanted something he hadn’t done yet.

“I get to do a little bit more of my soulful and bluesy vibe that I’ve always wanted to get out there,” he said of his catchy, up-tempo new single. “It’s the most crazy, wacky fun song I’ve had out there. It makes you want to move and groove.”

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