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Yellowstone Star Forrie J. Smith Speaks After Being Kicked Off Plane

Forrie J. Smith, known for his role as Lloyd Pierce in the hit series Yellowstone, recently found himself embroiled in a turbulent situation after reportedly being kicked off an airplane for intoxication. In a candid social media video, Smith admitted to having consumed alcohol but vehemently denied being drunk, asserting that the situation was more complex than it appeared.

A former rodeo cowboy turned stuntman and actor, Smith has portrayed the rugged Bunkhouse veteran Lloyd Pierce since the show’s inception in Season 1. However, this recent incident adds another layer to his public persona. Notably, in 2022, Smith faced controversy for not being allowed to attend the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards due to his vaccination status against COVID-19.

In the video, Smith expressed frustration with the circumstances surrounding his removal from the flight, accusing the general public of failing to recognize the true nature of the situation. Despite his initial note about his social media team’s preferences, Smith’s impassioned outburst shed light on his perspective, emphasizing his belief that the situation was unfairly handled.

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