Who’s Tae Dating?!

MADDIE & TAE are pretty new to the game, so we haven’t heard much about their private lives.  Well, time to put an end that.  TAE, whose full name is TAYLOR DYE, is dating a country singer named Jackie Lee.

We don’t know exactly how long they’ve been together, but he’s been posting photos of them on Instagram for a while.  He “outed” their relationship yesterday during an interview.

Ain’t even Wednesday.

A photo posted by Jackie Lee (@jackieleemusic) on


He said, quote, “She’s a really sweet girl and uh, yes, I like her a lot.  We’ve been on several dates and she’s really cool and I like hanging out with her.”  He also admitted to meeting her parents just last weekend, so there’s that.

By the way, in case you still can’t tell which of the two is Tae . . . she’s NOT the one who handles most of the lead vocals on Girl In A Country Song.  That would be the OTHER cute young blonde, MADDIE, whose full name is MADISON MARLOW.

And if you missed their Eagle Fan Jam, check out the vids here!


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