For First Time in State History Utah, BYU, and Utah State all rank in Top 25 in AP Poll

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On January 11th, The Associated Press released their ‘Top 25 College Football Poll.’ This poll began all the way in 1936, and is considered one of the most important rankings in collegiate sports.  The 60+ voters, prominent broadcasters and sportswriters across the country, submit their votes on a weekly basis.  These votes are compiled to creating a changing ranking. While this poll is not directly related to how a team is scoring in regular season play, it is often a representation of the capacity of the team.

In the No. 1 spot is Georgia (14-1) who won their second national title after beating Alabama. The team received 61 out of the 62 votes for the title of No 1. Right behind Georgia, the Alabama Tide (13-2) finished No. 2. Rounding out the top 3 was The Michigan Wolverines (12-2).

The rest of the list follows:

4. Cincinnati (13-2)

5. Baylor (12-2)

6. Ohio State (11-2)

7. Oklahoma State (12-2)

8. Notre Dame (11-2)

9. Michigan State (11-2)

10.Oklahoma (11-2)

11. Ole Miss (10-3)

12. Utah (10-4) 

13. Pittsburgh (11-3)

14. Clemson (10-3)

15. Wake Forest (11-3)

16. Louisiana-Lafayette (13-1)

17. Houston (12-2)

18. Kentucky (10-3)

19. Brigham Young (10-3) 

20. North Carolina State (9-3)

21. Arkansas (9-4)

22. Oregon (10-4)

23. Iowa (10-4)

24. Utah State (11-3) 

25. San Diego State (12-2)

For the first time in the state’s history, The University of Utah Utes, The BYU Cougars, and The Utah State Aggies all made the top 25.

With excitement buzzing around these rankings, there is much to be expected in the 2022 college football season!


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