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Malia Obama Set to Debut Short Film, “The Heart,” at Sundance Film Festival


Malia Obama, the 25-year-old daughter of former President Barack Obama, is making her mark in the world of cinema with the debut of her short film, “The Heart,” at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival this weekend. The film, which she wrote and directed under the name Malia Ann, explores the story of a grieving son navigating an unusual request left by his mother in her will.

“The Heart” has already garnered attention and acclaim, winning the Best Live Action Short award at the Chicago International Film Festival. This marks Malia Obama’s foray into the film industry, showcasing her talent and creative vision.

As the festival attendees eagerly anticipate the screening of “The Heart,” Malia’s debut promises to be a notable moment at Sundance. The film’s exploration of themes like grief and unique familial requests reflects a thoughtful and engaging narrative that has resonated with audiences.

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