5 Reasons Why Brett Eldredge Should Be On “The Bachelor”

When I first became Program Director of this station (also my first time ever as a PD!), the first new act that I got to meet was an artist named Brett Eldredge. At the time, Brett had only had one song on the radio; “Raymond’s Song”. Not only was he such a cool guy, but it’s been nice to keep our friendship over the years while he’s become super famous!

So, this list cracked me up… listed five reasons why BRETT ELDREDGE would be perfect as a contestant on “The Bachelor”:

5. He’s already comfortable in crowds of adoring women

4. He loves his mama

3. His serenades are the real thing

2. He’s comfortable in a bathing suit (check out the pic here)

1. He’s mastered the art of talking to the camera

Interested in learning more about our reigning CMA New Vocalist? Read the entire article here!

And now…enjoy some Brett Eldredge!


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