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101.5 Hank FM’s Headlines of Hilarity: A Look Into The Weirdest Stories of the Week

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1. Woman Arrested for Stealing $2.5K Worth of Stanley Cups

Another person tried to break the law in an attempt to get hold of the popular Stanley drink cup. A woman was recently arrested in California after refusing to pay for $25 hundred worth of cups. The 23-year-old woman was spotted pushing a cart full of water bottles to the trunk of her car.  A total of 65 drink cups were found in her possession.

2. Pastor Behind Crypto Scam Says He ‘Misheard God’

A Colorado pastor accused in a $3.2 million crypto scam says he may have “misheard God.”
Eligio Regalado is accused of inventing a cryptocurrency called ‘INDXcoin’ and convincing his parishioners to invest their money into it.
In a legal filing, Regalado admitted he sold the cryptocurrency “with no clear exit”.
He added “Either I misheard God… Or two, God is still not done with this project.”

3. North Carolina school removes bathroom mirrors to cut down on TikToks

A middle school in North Carolina has removed the mirrors from its bathrooms in an effort to prevent students from leaving class to film TikTok videos. Southern Alamance Middle School noticed an unusually high number of bathroom breaks and saw a significant decrease after removing the mirrors. The school aims to limit distractions and create a better learning environment. In addition to removing the mirrors, the school has implemented a digital hall pass system for students to check in and out when leaving class.

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