Sneak Peak Super Bowl Commercials

Why wait until Sunday for The Big Game? The commercials are already being released for this year’s Super Bowl. Here’s what we know so far…

1) Pantene put out videos of a few NFL players attempting to style their young daughters’ hair.  They’re calling the series “Dad-Do,” and the players featured are DeAngelo Williams of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Benjamin Watson of the New Orleans Saints, and Jason Witten of the Dallas Cowboys.  The commercial will air in select markets during the Super Bowl.


2) Speaking of daughters, KEVIN HART stars in a Super Bowl commercial for Hyundai, and it’s about how far a dad is willing to go to protect his daughter on a date.  He lets her boyfriend drive his new car, and uses its “Car Finder” feature to stalk them and intimidate the guy.


3)  Bud Light has released its election-themed Super Bowl ad featuring AMY SCHUMER and SETH ROGEN.  At one point, Seth starts quoting Bill Pullman’s speech from “Independence Day”.  And Paul Rudd and Michael Pena are in it, too.


4) JEFF GOLDBLUM and LIL WAYNE’s ad is out, and some people think it’s a little RACIST, because Wayne is cooking food on the grill for George Washington, a former slave owner.


Which one is your favorite?


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