101.5 Hank FM Utah’s All-Star Country Album Bracket!

The Biggest Country Albums Are Having a Showdown!

And you determine who wins it all!

101.5 The Eagle has pitted some of the biggest country albums of all time (the 32 or the 50 best-selling according to to go head to head over five rounds to see who you think deserves the title of the best country album of all time.

The matchups are random on the bracket, but there were a couple of ground rules that we had to abide by when we put this bracket together. First, you couldn’t go up against yourself in the first round, which was tough considering how many times Garth Brooks showed up in the pool of top-selling albums. Also, we tried to pair up the greatest hits albums to pair off in the first round. It just seemed a little fairer that way from the get-go.

Here is how the rounds will go:

  • Round 1: March 15th – March 21st at 5 pm
  • Round 2: March 12th – March 28th at 5 pm
  • Round 3: March 29th – April 4th at 5 pm
  • Round 4: April 5th – April 11th at 5 pm
  • Round 5: April 12th – April 18th at 5 pm

On Sunday, April 18th we will find out which album you decided is 101.5 The Eagle’s Biggest Country Album of All Time! Vote below and come back each week to vote in each round.

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