MTV Cribs of…Cribs

With their first baby on the way, an Austin, Texas, couple wanted to make a YouTube video to share their newly decorated nursery with family and friends. So they took a page from MTV’s “Cribs,” and now daughter CiCi’s space is a viral hit.
Filmmaker Bryan Canatella and his wife, Caryn, shot the video using the show’s iconic music and the tour includes views of the different “wings” of the nursery. The proud dad-to-be says the video is hopefully one of many vlogs that he plans to film as a way to document his daughter’s first year. And, as a first-time dad, Canatella says he’s having fun learning about all of the equipment babies need. Baby CiCi is due in mid-August, although Canatella said his wife is hoping for an earlier delivery. I think that they’ll be great parents! 

It reminds me of my Daddy Diaries from back in the day #memories….

Thanks to Prep Country for sharing the story!!!


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