Greetings from CMA Festival 2018 in Nashville

I have spent the last week in Nashville mostly to go see CMA Fest 2018 but to also drop by and say hello to a few close friends that are now living and working out of Nashville.  All I can say is BRAVO Nashville for such a great first trip to your city and I look forward to visiting again soon.  Please enjoy some photos taken from our seats of the concert, some downtown photos, a tour of the Grand Ole Opry, the Jack Daniels distillery, and a Wax Museum on our final day in town.

Photos from the four day concert.

A Quick Visit With Old Friends

John Marks and his wife former boss of 101.9 fm KKAT Kat Country

Cody Alan the face of CMT television and After Midnight radio show.  Former boss at 101.5 the Eagle

The Grand Ole Opry

Jack Daniels


Last Day In Town Wax Museum


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