Shania Twain Wants Harry Styles To Sing With Her…*And* Wear Her Signature Leopard Print


Shania Twain says she wants to perform with Harry Styles but she has one small request…she wants him to wear her signature leopard print.  During the latest episode of Twain’s Home Now Radio on Apple Music Hits, the singer revealed that she and Harry are “texting friends.” Shania played one of her favorite sing-along songs, Harry’s “Adore You,” and says that Styles enjoys singing her song, “You’re Still The One,” even sometimes at his shows.

Shania then directly addresses Styles saying, “You and I should definitely do a duet together. We could do a version of one of your songs. I love your music…” She then talked about their love of leopard print. “Leopard print is a Shania Twain signature print, but Harry Styles can borrow it, of course, because he’s so cute and talented. So yeah, you’ve got my permission. Go ahead. Wear it. Just don’t wear it out.”


What song do you want to see Shania and Harry duet?

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