Man Kills Wife, Shoots Neighbors Over Lack of Sex

A Minnesota man arrested in the shooting death of his wife says he killed her because she wasn’t putting out enough.
Jason Michael Mesich, 48, is facing multiple charges in connection with the incident, which occurred earlier this week, police say. After Mesich complained that his wife, 47-year-old Angela, wasn’t having enough sex with him, the two began arguing, according to Mesich’s arrest report. He then pulled out a gun and shot Saulter in the neck and torso, police say. When he noticed his neighbors were outside, he shot at them, too. Canisha Saulter, 29, and Makayla Saulter-Outlaw, 12, were injured, police say. The family says Saulter-Outlaw likely won’t recover.
When police arrived, they found Mesich in the basement, shooting his gun, screaming and throwing things, according to the arrest report. When officers asked why he’d shot the neighbors, Mesich reportedly told them “he hated all children,” according to the paperwork.

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