Kelly Clarkson: Why Having To Pay Ex Brandon Blackstock $200 A Month Could Be A ‘Win’ For Her

Breaking down Kelly Clarkson’s payments to ex-husband Brandon Blackstock, it’s likely she is winning with the $200,000 a month payment.

It’s been reported Kelly brings in over a million a month and as for what she has to pay, she’ll pay $150,000 in spousal support, $45,601 for child support, even though Brandon only has their two children 15 percent of the time, and his lawyer fees in the amount of $1.25 million.

Originally Blackstock filed a request for spousal support in the amount of $301,000 per month and $135,000 in child support, but the judge ruled she pay half of this amount.

Kelly could appeal the decision but it’s unlikely as permanent alimony lasts no longer than half the length of the marriage, with “marriage” defined as the time between the date of marriage and the date of separation. That in itself could be a win for Kelly.

Do you think it’s fair Blackstock receives child support even though he only will have the children in his care 15 percent of the time?

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