John Legend’s Upcoming Tour Causing ‘Clingy’ Chrissy Teigen To ‘Melt Down,’ Spills Source

A source tells OK! Magazine that Chrissy Teigen isn’t happy about her husband’s upcoming tour.

“As it is, Chrissy freaks out if John so much as goes to the store by himself, and if he’s busy at work she’s calling him every five minutes and interrupting his meetings,” said the source.

Teigen has been receiving backlash after tweets surfaced of her cyberbullying Courtney Snodden back in 2011 where she told the model to, “kill herself.”

The source says that Chrissy is terrified of John going on tour and the source says, “it’s already causing her to meltdown.”

Chrissy Teigen has been through a lot, from her past tweets coming back to haunt her, to the death of her third child and dog, do you think Chrissy has a right to be worried about Legend going on tour?

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