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Is “The Law” Cracking Down on Country Music Stars?

Shutterstock - Santa Rosa, CA/USA: 6/17/17: Darius Carlos Rucker aka Darius Rucker performs at Country Summer festival. Rucker is a Grammy Award winning, CMT Music Award and Billboard Award nominated artist.

There has been a recent run of Country Music stars being arrested across the industry. Earlier this year, Darius Rucker was arrested on alleged drug charges. Chris Young was arrested in January, only to later have the charges against him dropped and Morgan Wallen is still facing the consequences of his actions in April of this year.

With the recent uptick in Country Music stars being arrested, we have to ask the question. Is “The Law” cracking down on these country singers?

Darius Rucker reportedly thinks so, in a sit down tell all interview with People Magazine, Rucker spoke about his arrest that stemmed from a 2023 run in with police in Tennessee.

“My friends who were in the police department were like, ‘Have you pissed somebody off up here? Because this is crazy that they’re doing this a year later,” Rucker told People. “But I think somebody wanted to make an example out of me, and they did…”

Rucker also went into a little more detail surrounding the encounter with police. Stating that he did in fact have “a little bit of pot, and I think a little bit of some mushrooms or something in the car, and he let me go.” but that wasn’t the last encounter he would have with the department.

Almost a year later, Rucker received a call from a friend that told him there was a warrant out for his arrest. So, he decided to do the right thing and turn himself in.

“It sucks,” Rucker also told People. “Fifty-seven years, never seen inside of a police car or jail, and I get busted for that.”

With the recent Darius Rucker report, along with other big name country stars being arrested, do you think police are cracking down on famous singers, artists and musicians?

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