Fans Upset With Blake Lively Over Her Alcohol Brand

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock

In an unexpected turn of events, actress Blake Lively has found herself facing backlash from her own fans over her latest business venture. Lively took to Instagram on Wednesday to announce the launch of her new cocktail brand, Betty Booze, featuring “sparkling tequila” and “sparkling bourbon.” This comes two years after the successful debut of her non-alcoholic mixers line, Betty Buzz.

However, some of Lively’s followers were quick to question her decision to enter the alcohol industry, considering the fact that she does not consume alcoholic beverages herself. One comment expressed confusion, asking why she would promote alcohol if she doesn’t drink, suggesting that perhaps the cocktails are intended for serving guests at parties. Another fan went as far as calling the move “lame,” criticizing celebrities who endorse alcoholic products despite not partaking in such beverages personally.

It appears that Lively’s unexpected venture into the world of alcoholic drinks has sparked a debate among her devoted fans, highlighting the complexities and scrutiny that can arise when celebrities venture outside their personal preferences in their business endeavors.

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