Bryan Cranston Reveals That He Wants To Play Willie Nelson In A Biopic

Bryan Cranston
Bryan Cranston | Shutterstock

Bryan Cranston as Willie Nelson?

Bryan Cranston recently shared that he is interested in playing Willie Nelson for a potential biopic of the legendary singer’s life and career. Cranston said, “Willie Nelson comes to mind. The hair and the beard. I think there’s some physical resemblance. He’s very old and wrinkled, and I can relate to that…So I wouldn’t have to wear a lot of makeup.” He continued, “Willie’s had a fascinating career—as a writer and as a performer, and as a free speech person, being anti-war and on the forefront of hemp [culture]. That’s kind of interesting to me, even though I don’t vibe with that stuff. I don’t like smoking. It just doesn’t do it for me.”

What do you think of a potential biopic for Willie Nelson starring Bryan Cranston? Read more from The Eagle here.

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