A&W Class Action Lawsuit Over “Made With Aged Vanilla” Labels Receives Preliminary Approval

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A settlement involving A&W Root Beer and Cream Sodas has received preliminary approval from a New York judge. The agreement would require Keurig Dr Pepper, the maker of the beverages, to reimburse customers who claim they were misled by labels stating “Made With Aged Vanilla” when the soda’s vanilla flavor actually comes from artificial flavoring. The class-action lawsuit alleges that the company falsely advertised the use of aged vanilla while predominantly relying on synthetic ingredients for the vanilla flavor.

Under the terms of the settlement, A&W Concentrate Company and Keurig Dr Pepper Inc. will be obligated to provide eligible consumers with a refund of the money spent on the beverages in question. Customers covered by the settlement will be able to submit their claims through the website The preliminary approval of the settlement marks a step forward in resolving the class-action lawsuit and addressing the alleged deceptive labeling practices of the soda maker.

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