“Sharknado 4” Eats Salt Lake City!


Yeah, you might have thought that surely there were no questions left unanswered after “Sharknado 3,” but you would be wrong. Did you catch it last night on the SyFy Channel last night? If not, don’t worry. I’m sure it’ll be airing every day for the next, like, 4,000 years.


The best part this time around? The sharks eat Salt Lake City. Yes, my friend, we are all down the gullet of a bunch of rabid Great Whites. My favorite is watching Governer Herbert (yes, that’s him) take down a shark with his tennis racquet. You go, Gov!


A shark eat shark eat shark eat shark world…I watched this GIF 4 times and I’m still laughing.


Hands-down, one of the most creative protections against the marauding fin fiends is a hip thurst from a male stripper. Who knew?

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