“Ring of Fire” Eclipse Could Be Sign Of The Apocalypse Sending “Darkness Over The Holy Land”

The apocalypse could be happening this weekend, that’s what some people believe as the Summer solstice and a solar eclipse are set to take place on June 21st.

The annular eclipse will happen for the first time in 2020 and happens when the moon is too far within its orbit to block out the sun creating a “ring of fire” that covers 98.8 percent of the sun’s light.

The amazing event will be able to be seen in the northern Indian region and will be one of three astrological events taking place in 2020.

Another eclipse will happen on July 4th, a lunar eclipse that will create a blood moon at midnight. Some believe the rogue planet “Nibiru” is set to collide with Earth, however, NASA has said the claim is false saying if that was the case you’d be able to see the planet with the naked eye.

Do you believe the upcoming eclipses are a sign of a big change? Have this year’s events caused you to rethink the possibility of the end of the world?


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