People Are Sharing Their Parents’ Ridiculous Excuses for Ignoring Coronavirus Advice and Going Out Anyway

Laura James, an author, took to Twitter to vent about her parents not heeding the warning of social distancing and she wasn’t alone with parents giving children ridiculous excuses for going out. 

One mother told her daughter that her father was “at the bar because he wasn’t 65 until August.” Medical officials are warning anyone over 70, people with chronic illnesses and pregnant women to self-isolate.  One parent’s reason for going out in public was, “I gotta die for something, right?”

An 89 year old cancer patient told her daughter she was “fine to go out because [she] doesn’t shop in the busy sections.”  Some elderly people even think that places like plant centers are okay to shop at because, well, “it’s just plants.” Are you having a hard time keeping your parents indoors?

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