Our Interview with John Edward

John Edward called in to give a reading to our listener Rachel!

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John Edward has brought a fresh, honest and thought provoking
attitude to the world of psychic phenomena. As a medium, author and
lecturer, he has, over the last three decades, helped thousands with
his uncanny ability to predict future events and communicate with
those who have crossed over to the Other Side. Deeply compelling,
often startling and occasionally humorous, John’s down-to-earth
approach has earned him a vast and loyal following.
In 2000, John pioneered the psychic phenomena genre with the
television program Crossing Over with John Edward on the Syfy
network. It was the first television show syndicated worldwide devoted
to psychic mediumship and it would go on to run for four seasons. John
followed up the success of Crossing Over with John Edward with
another television program, John Edward Cross Country, which debuted
on the WE network in 2006 and ran for three seasons.
John is one of the country’s foremost psychic mediums and the author
of the critically-acclaimed, New York Times Best Sellers One Last Time,
Crossing Over: The Stories Behind the Stories, What if God Were the
Sun, After Life: Answers from the Other Side, Practical Praying: Using
the Rosary to Enhance Your Life, Final Beginnings, Infinite Quest and
Fallen Masters.
In 2007, John launched a digital network to deliver real-time content
internationally, culminating in the creation of the online community,
“Evolve.” Members of “Evolve” have exclusive access to view John’s
weekly web series, “Evolve with John Edward,” which features member
readings, celebrity interviews and assorted metaphysical and lifestyle
content. The ninth season of the series will conclude in May of 2017.
Additional benefits of “Evolve” include receiving a membership
welcome pack, the opportunity to meet John at one of his live events,
the chance to win tickets and private readings, access to John’s online
novel, Above and Beyond, and more.
John’s broad appeal has led to numerous tours of the USA, Canada,
Australia, the UK and Ireland, a weekend takeover at Sirius Satellite
Radio and expert appearances on Oprah, Dr. Phil, the Kardashian
programs and Dr. Oz. He has also been featured on CNN’s Larry King
Live, The View, Ellen, The Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, Live with
Regis & Kelly, The Early Show, The Crier Report, Fox and Friends,
Maury, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Dateline, ABC’S 20/20, the criticallyacclaimed
HBO Special, Life Afterlife and a cameo appearance on
NBC’s Will and Grace. He continues to be an in-demand guest on radio
programs around the world.
John has appeared in articles for the The New York Times, The Los
Angeles Times, The Washington Post, Newsday, Entertainment Weekly
and The Associated Press. He was named as one of People Magazine’s
Most Intriguing People of the Year in 2002.
Born and raised on Long Island, NY, John exhibited psychic abilities
from an extremely early age, and was deemed “special” by many in his
family. The fact that he would uncannily know family history and
events that took place prior to his birth solidified that fact. Because no
fuss was made over these early experiences, he maintained as normal
a childhood as possible. Since Psychic Phenomena was so accepted by
his family, it was easy for his abilities to flourish. John embarked on
developing his own abilities after an encounter with famed psychic
Lydia Clar. Lydia made him aware of his abilities and told him his life’s
work would be teaching people about it. That mission has been
channeled into his work as a medium, which enables him to bring
comfort and hope to people by reuniting them with those who they
loved, lost…and crossed over.
John resides on Long Island, New York with his wife Sandra, their two
children, Justin and Olivia, and their three dogs: Coco, Sydney and

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