New in Theaters: “Mile 22” and “Crazy Rich Asians”

Mile 22  (R)

Mark Wahlberg leads a black ops team on a mission to escort a foreign agent through 22 miles of enemy territory.  He knows the location of stolen nuclear materials, but they have to reach the airport and get him out of the country before he’ll serve it up.

Indonesian martial arts expert Iko Uwais from the “Raid” movies is the badass spy they’re protecting.  Wahlberg’s team includes Ronda Rousey, and Lauren Cohen from “The Walking Dead” . . . and John Malkovich is their CIA handler.

Crazy Rich Asians  (PG-13)

Constance Wu from “Fresh Off the Boat” plays an NYU professor who travels to Singapore with her boyfriend to attend a wedding and meet his family for the first time.

Henry Golding plays her boyfriend, and Michelle Yeoh plays his disapproving mother. Ken Jeong and Awkwafina are also in it as Constance’s friends.

Alpha  (PG-13)

Kodi Smit-McPhee stars in this story of how the wolf was first tamed to become man’s best friend.  It’s set 20,000 years ago during the Ice Age.  He plays an injured hunter trying to survive alone in the wilderness.

He’s attacked by a pack of wolves and wounds one of them.  But instead of killing it, he makes friends, and they learn to rely on each other to get back to his tribe before the harsh winter storms.

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