Jerry Seinfeld’s Favorite “Seinfeld” Moment

JERRY SEINFELD didn’t consider becoming a comedian until college.  In an interview with “Entertainment Weekly”, he said, quote, “I remember being very funny, but everyone was funny.

“I didn’t think I was funnier than anybody else, [until] one day a friend of mine in college said to me, ‘I think of all of us . . . YOU’RE the funniest and you could be a comedian’ . . and that was the moment I said, ‘Okay, I’m going to do it.'”

Jerry’s first joke was a bit about how when you’re left-handed, everything is negative.  Quote “Two left feet . . . left-handed compliment.  You go to a party, there’s nobody there:  ‘Where did they go?’  ‘Oh, they left.'”

The first “signature” joke he was KNOWN for was the one about socks trying to get out of the dryer.

He said his favorite moment from “Seinfeld” was the episode where George loses the Phil Rizzuto key chain in the pothole . . . because it ends with Newman bursting into flames while driving his mail truck.

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