Heidi Montag Slams Lauren Conrad for Treating Her Like a Dog

Its been years since Heidi Montag and Lauren Conrad appeared on The Hills together, but Heidi is still slamming her former BFF.

She talked about the drama they had on the show and said, “When that whole Spencer thing happened, she’s like, ‘If you date Spencer, you’re off the show. How dare you, and I’m not your dog. Yeah, I appreciate you getting me on this show, but that doesn’t mean you own me and you can tell me what to do in my life. I just don’t appreciate that.”

She also talks about Kristin Cavallari and said, “I feel like Kristin, let’s be honest, is the most successful. I feel like Lauren didn’t make it like she should have.”

Do you think Heidi needs to just let bygones be bygones?

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