Halle Berry Says Bone Broth Is The Reason Why She Looks So Freaking Young

Ever wonder how Halle Berry stays looking so young?



Well, the 51-year-old shared a little secret that she swears by…bone broth. “…you can go to the butcher and get all the bones they’re going to throw away and he’ll give them to you for free,” she told Extra in an interview on Monday. “Take the bones, boil them up for 24 hours … and you drink the broth. It’s so full of collagen that it’s crazy.”

The broth is becoming something of a phenomenon as it has calcium, vitamin D, and nine grams of protein per cup. The broth may indirectly help you gain more collagen, which is a protein that keeps the skin firm and the wrinkles away. Bone broth also has only 1 carb per cup which works with Halle’s Keto diet.

Seriously!  Have you seen how AMAZING she looks??  I’d drink toilet water if she told me that’s what she does!



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