Gretchen Wilson Arrested at Airport Over Restroom Dispute

We hear about people getting arrested all the time but this could be the pettiest thing we’ve seen in a while. Gretchen Wilson was on a plane last night headed to Connecticut when the singer needed to use the restroom. As she was walking to the restroom there was another female passenger that needed to use the restroom as well. At that point, they both started rushing to the bathroom and Wilson was beaten to the punch.

This is where Wilson started to get catty with the other passenger and started to use her words eloquently and shoving started. The scuffle soon ended and they went back to their seats, but they both continued to give each other glares for the rest of the flight.

Wilson was warned to stop with the pettiness. When they landed authorities got involved because of a call about a “minor dispute”. When they were being interviewed by police Wilson became belligerent towards officers and was arrested.

Check out her mug shot below:



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