Did Post Malone’s Bad Luck Come from an Encounter With a Haunted Box?

 POST MALONE has had a serious run of bad luck lately.  He was in a car accident, he was on a plane that had to make an emergency landing, and a home he used to own was targeted by armed robbers who thought he still lived there.

He even Tweeted, quote, “God hates me lol.”  But maybe he brought it on himself . . . by messing with one of the most haunted objects in the world.

It’s called the “dybbuk box,” and it’s an old wine cabinet that’s supposedly haunted by an evil spirit from Jewish mythology called a dybbuk.  The 2012 movie The Possession is based on the legend.

The dybbuk box is currently in possession of Zak Bagans from the TV show “Ghost Adventures”.  A few months ago, Malone was drinking and hanging with Zak at his Haunted Museum, and they actually checked out the box.

There’s surveillance video that shows Malone touching Zak on the shoulder as he’s touching the box.  And supposedly, that’s enough to transfer the CURSE.  You can tell in the video that Malone is freaked out.

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