Dads…Here’s a Song for You

There are so many great songs for Dad as we gear up for Father’s Day weekend. Brad Paisley’s “He Didn’t Have to Be” to George Strait’s “Love Without End, Amen” come to mind. As I scroll through lists of great Father’s Day tunes, let’s face it…country music has the best songs that tell Dad how you feel.

There’s a new song that I want you to add to your collection. The first time I heard this song was at Toby Keith last year. New country artist Chris Janson (“Buy Me a Boat”) was Toby’s opener. He sang a song about how he met his wife Kelly and how their union changed his hard-living ways. The song evolves into Chris being a Father and enjoying the time with his little girl.

I cannot help but melt when I hear the lyrics to this song. I enjoy standing in the kitchen with my daughter Ella and dancing with her to this song.

Enjoy! And Happy Father’s Day.


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