Buy Now, Buy Later, Buy Local Gift Cards!

Buy Now, Buy Later, Buy Local Gift Cards

We’re all doing our part to stay home and stay safe as we collectively fight the spread of Covid-19. Unfortunately, that means many of the local businesses that are the backbone of Utah’s economy are struggling. 55% of every dollar spent with a locally owned, independent business stays right here in Utah which is why it’s so important that we all do our part to help keep these businesses open, both now, and in the future.

Local First Utah has created the “Buy Now, Buy Later, Buy Local” gift card platform, available online at It’s the best of both worlds: by purchasing a gift card now, you help keep these indie businesses afloat. By making your purchase online, you can stay home and stay safe.

Here’s how it works: 

  • Visit
  • Select a gift card amount: $50 or $100. 
  • Purchase your gift card amount, and Local First Utah will connect you with the business of your choice in order to redeem your card! With this unique way of purchasing gift cards, you can share the love, turning a $100 purchase into gift cards at a variety of locally owned independent businesses. 

Maybe that $50 price tag is a little too high. We understand, we’re all pinching our pennies these days. You can reduce the price of the gift card by taking surveys online, which is also a good way to pass some of that extra time you might have on your hands. Even if you reduce the price of the gift card, the businesses will receive the full amount of the card! Plus, every time you take a survey, a small donation will be made to Local First Utah.


Local First is Utah’s leading independent business alliance, committed to promoting the economic prosperity of locally owned businesses. We focus on building  connections, collaborating with government agencies and educating communities statewide on the value of buying locally. To learn more about the work of Local First Utah, or to join as a member, visit
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