Brooks & Dunn Were Reluctant To Becoming Duo Partners


Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn, two of the biggest names in Country Music history were very hesitant to partner up back in 1990.
Brooks & Dunn met each other for the first time on a Tuesday, over an enchilada and Brooks remembers saying, ‘We don’t wanna do this. We don’t know each other. I mean, this is just silly.'” They didn’t become a duo until both of them were near 40 years old and head of Arista Nashville, Tim DuBois gave them the push they didn’t event know they needed. Their first single “Brand New Man” hit the charts at number 1, and the success just kept coming from there.

Over the years the pair have had 20 singles go to number 1 on the country charts. Fans were shocked when the duo make the decision to break up in 2009 to pursue their individual dreams they had before working together. The break of course didn’t last forever. Brooks&  Dunn reunited in 2019 with “Reboot” their greatest hits collection reimagined with today’s country superstars.

What’s your favorite Brooks & Dunn song? Who should they team up with next for a reboot?


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