10 Tips To Make You The PokemonGo Master Of The Universe


10 Tips To Make You The PokemonGo Master Of The Universe. I held off from PokemonGo for maybe a full day before I caved and downloaded the app. After stumbling around Salt Lake City for a full week, I have some suggestions:


  1. “Eyes up here, pal!” My worst injury was tripping over a tombstone at the SLC Cemetary (don’t ask) but there’s already reports of ER visits and accidents from Pokemoners (is that a word?) who couldn’t bring themselves to look up. Chantel actually sent me a picture of a car driving through her neighbor’s fence from someone who was playing PokemonGo as they were driving.
  2. Stick closer to high-population areas. If you’re wandering around the foothills, you’re going to be be walking a loooong way before anything pops up. Malls and parks are open to the public which allows more activity on the app. People put lures on stops nearby drawing more Pokémon to the area. Local landmarks and statues tend to mark a PokeStop.
  3. Pick up more XP (experience points) by throwing curveballs- draw a circle around your Pokeball to add some curve to your throw.
  4. Stock up on your incense: incense brings up more Pokemon around you for about half an hour. You start out with two in your bag.
  5. Remember that incubator you got at the start of the game? It helps you hatch eggs you find at Poke stops. Each one requires a different distance to required to hatch, and the higher the distance, the more valuable it is.
  6. Tired of running out of battery power? Check off the “Battery Saver” option in your Settings.
  7. Some PokeStops  have Lure Modules- those are items that will attract Pokemon to that area. You can pick them up at the Shop and place them at PokeStops.
  8. When you find more than one of the same Pokemon, transfer your duplicates to the Professor, he’ll give you Candies in exchange.
  9. When facing a Pokemon, you might see “CP” next to its name, that means Combat Power, and the higher the CP, the stronger the Pokemon. Green circles mean it’s easier to catch, red and yellow ones can even swat your PokeBall away.
  10. The paw prints you see underneath the Pokemon determine how far away they are. The fewer paw prints, the closer your next catch is.

What level are you up to? Have any advice to add? Please leave a comment and help us all out!

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