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76 Years Old & 76 Days Skied

Happy Birthday and thank you to my mentor Skier Craig Caples. I met Mr. Caples my freshman year of high School. He was the communications teacher & the overlord of the high school radio station KBBC “Bonanza Broadcasting Center.” Mr. Caples was the voice of ski reports, A seasoned communications skier, the voice of ski reports on the radio for decades, guiding snow enthusiasts with his detailed updates.

Craig Caples / FB

As he celebrated his 76th birthday, Mr. Caples decided to mark the occasion in a remarkable way—by skiing 76 days in a single season, a feat unheard of at his age.

Each day on the slopes brought new adventures and stories, further cementing Craig’s legendary status among the skiing community.

And as the snow season draws to a close, Craig reflected on his 76 days of skiing with pride, knowing that he had shared his love for the sport with countless others over the airwaves.

In addition to his skiing exploits, Mr. Caples had also been a mentor to countless students, teaching them the ins and outs of the television and radio industry myself included.

His wisdom and experience were invaluable as he shared his knowledge of broadcasting, grooming the next generation of communication professionals.

Many of his former students went on to have successful careers, thanks to Mr. Caples guidance and encouragement.

As he glided down the slopes on his 76th day of skiing, I hope that Craig couldn’t help but feel a sense of fulfillment, knowing that he had left a lasting impact on me the airwaves and the slopes.

With each turn, Craig carried the legacy of his dedication to communication and skiing, a true testament to a life well-lived.

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